Applications - electronics, consumer, medical, automotive and seal molds and parts. Complex profiles and parting lines, unscrewing, hydraulic and pneumatic slide actions, over-molding and stack molds. Large to small molds, single to multi-cavity, prototype, short, medium and long run production class tools with low cost-fast delivery.
Design output in any format including Catia-Pro/E-AutoCad. The equipment in our modern tool-room consists of the latest version MasterCam programmed CNC milling, turning, grinding and EDM sinking and wire cut; equipment list available upon request.
Engineering thermoplastics - polycarbonate, ABS, styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, PNS, glass-filled etc. and polyurethane rubber for seal and O-ring molds. Packaging, second operations and assembly including spraying, silk screening and plating processes etc. Steel procurement from Uddeholm at no extra cost - Pre-hardened P-20 and NAK 55-80, air-hardening 718H, H-13 and 420-440SS, 7075 aluminum, and oil-hardening steels for bearing and friction applications. Mold components and bases including hot runner systems from DME®, LKM®, Husky®, custom made, or per customer request and heat-treatment with Rockwell® certification. Mold try-out with processing data included. All tooling revisions-corrections are documented, with guaranteed no second-op modifications made to mold try-out samples sent to you.

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Our modern tool room:
We can build large molds or precision micro. We'll give you a competitive quote on any project within our capacity to build, and you'll recieve a quality tool, on time. In addtion, you can communicate directly with a native English-speaking mold professional at any time, for any reason!

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