Attention Inventors and Entrepreneurs
We welcome serious cost-quote inquiries from verifyable, established businesses and will provide quotations free of charge. If you are an inventor or entrepreneur seeking information on product design, development, marketing and pricing, please read the following.

We receive many requests for quotation each day, and simply cannot afford to expend the hours required to provide product design-development and pricing information to others than those with established businesses who are submitting serious inquiries representing a reasonable likelihood of follow-through.

However, if you have an idea for a product and/or need assistance with design, development and cost information, we'll still be able to help. Over the years we have witnessed and aided in the realization of many success stories! Oftentimes people with good ideas don't know where to start or don't understand what is involved in the whole process of concept to realization. Many simply give up, or unfortunately get caught up in a well established industry that claims to offer legitimate, professional assistance, but bleeds clients for funding while enticing them with promises of imminent success.
Our consultation fee is US$150, which must be imposed in an effort to filter out requests from those who are not serious or who are only seeking free information that involves much effort and hours of time spent on our part. Included with fee are: 1) a realistic assessment of the viability of your idea drawing from our experience as well as familiarity with industry and consumer trends, 2) a brief proposal of our design and manufacturing recommendation, 3) an up-front estimate of the costs involved to finished product, 4) and although we are not a marketing firm, we'll offer a few suggestions based on the knowledge we've gleaned from the successful marketing efforts of previous customers. Our complete confidentiality is assured with non-disclosure forms available for download.
After submission of required fee, please return to the contact-quote page and send us all the information you have about your product or idea as an e-mail attachment sent to Please include a well-written, clear explanation along with all associated data including pictures, drawings, sketches and/or CAD files.

Your $150 consultation fee to CYMOLDS
is safe and secure, NOTE: billing party listed as CDM

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