Global Cooperation in trade benefits everyone, and it can give your mold shop or business a competitive advantage!
Over the past several years many domestic moldmakers have been forced to close their doors, mainly due to competition from China. However, many businesses have thrived in this environment by leveraging their ability to outsource to become much more successful! Smart shop managers with strategic vision know that competition from the Far-East is here to stay, and have outsourced tools for profit as well as to obtain the associated molding production. Increased cash flow revenues have thus enabled them to concentrate on acquiring higher end moldmaking and to invest in technology, training and increased molding capacity.

As the world races toward realization of becoming a true global village, trade barriers erode. Every country has benefited, including the US, Japan, the EU and all others. While it's certainly true that the nature of the world's dynamically changing economy can cause short term dislocations and pain, the long term benefits of adapting to changing market and economic realities is undeniable and historically verifiable. The enormous capitol resources that several industrialized countries committed toward protecting their basic industries of steel, consumer electronics, banking, and textiles through the 80's and 90's were failed efforts that led to bankruptcy, stagnation, obsolescence and loss of markets. Perhaps most notably, in the US similar protectionist policies were followed to a much less stringent degree, allowing for the liberalization of assets subsequently invested in emerging industries resulting in America's rise to dominance in IT, computers and high-technology. The ominous threat that Japan Inc. was once seen as posing is now disregarded as Japan has developed into a significant contributor to US and EU industrial renewal and a major export market. The dire predictions of a huge 'sucking sound' once made in connection with North America's NAFTA have similarly proved mostly groundless as participation in NAFTA has improved US and Canadian international competitiveness, has resulted in as many or more new jobs being created as were lost, and has lifted living standards in Mexico while easing the problem of illegal immigration.
This same pattern can be seen in many other areas and at many times. A rare consensus among economists holds that protectionism in any form simply does not work and leads to no long term advantage.
Outsourcing is a two-way street. We utilize modern, imported US, Swiss, German and Japanese machine tools, processing equipment and components. China is the world's largest buyer of imported, high value-added US and German made machine tools.
If you are a plastics mold-maker, molder or require plastics parts design and/or production, consider establishing a working relationship with a reliable, quality oriented partner in China and begin trying some outsourcing when it is to your advantage, because market realities will inevitably force your domestic and foreign competitors to do so. More efficient utilization of capitol can then allow for investments directed towards productivity gains in other areas, expansion of production, or moving into related or even emerging fields - it benefits everyone!

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